There are very few ways to spend an evening where all the senses are engaged at once. Weird. Wild. Wonderful. Cabaret has been created as an inspiring space for self-expression, creativity, performance and art. A Gastronomy fueled Dining, Nightlife and Creative Venue programmed with an eclectic performance by Ibiza’s Manumission and fabulous late-night dance parties.

Cabaret features a mixture of individual performances and specialty acts such as burlesque, acrobats, song, dance and performance art.

Sebastian Mazzola & Sussie Villarico

Chef Partner

Cooking in Motion was founded in late 2013 when chef Sebastian Mazzola and wife/business partner Sussie Villarico decided to leave their daily routines behind and set out on an adventure, creating their own culinary brand.

Prior to this, they were both working with famed chef Albert Adriá in Barcelona, Spain. Sebastian was the creative director of the award-winning restaurants 41° Degrees, PAKTA and TICKETS, while Sussie was managing front of the house operations.

As chef partner for the newly opened The Barcelona EDITION, in September 2018, they have collaborated on the Cabaret outstanding concept: an elevated gastronomic and nightlife experience like none other, offering guests an intricate six course chef’s tasting menu while enjoying a spectacular variety show of intriguing entertainment.

This dynamic duo continues to impress the Spanish restaurant scene and take their ventures to new heights.

Mike & Claire

Creative directors of Cabaret. Creators of The Blue Pearl show.

Bespoke artistic concepts – brand ethos, image, artwork, script, film direction, stage design, theatre and performance. Fusing different art forms, they create full theatrical productions.  Every stage of the creative process is visualized, then realized.

Over 1.5 million people walked through the infamous doors of Manumission Ibiza.  Whilst recent collaborations have seen them working with The Royal Ballet at London’s Shoreditch House and creating a rock n roll interpretation of Romeo & Juliet at Ibiza’s Lio.

Cabaret at the Barcelona Edition Hotel is their latest endeavor, and the first to include a gastronomic element Combined with the abstract storyline, all-encompassing visuals, bespoke sound score, and couture costume the overall effect is the reinvention of Cabaret.

Liborio Capizzi

Diseñador de alta costura.

Diseñador de vestuario para The Blue Pearl y colaborador en historia y escenografía.

Born in Ribera (Sicily), he has been the strictest collaborator of Gianfranco Ferré for sixteen years, managing the brand’s prêt-à-porter for women while evolving his couturier sensitivity. After that, he travelled all over the world, gathering the most disparate skills – ranging from art to scenography to costume-making – until he settled in Milan, in a loft near Porta Nuova which is his home, atelier, “refugium pensatorum”, source of inspiration and cabinet de curiosités.

Mark Sayfritz

Composer of sound score for The Blue Pearl film and show and collaborator on story.

With a highly eclectic and multiple award-winning career as a recording artist, composer, and producer in the music industry, Mark started scoring and sound designing films in 2007.

Sayfritz has produced original music for ‘Snatch’, a 10-part series for Sony Pictures/Crackle based on Guy Ritchie’s original film starring Rupert Grint (Harry Potter) and Dougray Scott (Mission Impossible III) and has also written and produced his own solo album with his band DOG among many other projects.

Mark continues to score and sound design in the advertising arena and has become a regular collaborator with acclaimed photographer turned director Rankin. In 2017 his music and sound design for the KP / NBA campaign “Overcome” featuring Stephen Curry was nominated for the prestigious Jerry Goldsmith Award.

Philippe Mesia

Choreographer for The Blue Pearl show

Philippe has trained in some of the best schools in Europe and over the world such as Rosella hightower, Martha Graham and Rudra Bejart.  Phillipe branched out in a number of directions: contemporary dance; musicals; tv shows; publicity; acting; teaching; singing; assistant; choreographer and as a professional started very early with numerous international famous companies such as Angelin preljocaj, Martha Graham, Franco Dragone (Cirque du Soleil), Marie-Claude Pietragalla, Ramón Oller, Hervé Koubi , Emanuel gat etc.

Philippe joined Mike & Claire for their latest production at Cabaret, Edition Hotel Barcelona.